Aster Cayman Medcity


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About the project

Aster Cayman Medcity will be a multi-phase development, eventually creating a 500-bed hospital, fully aligned and integrated with 300 independent and assisted living units and a comprehensive healthcare university catering to both medical and nursing staff. The project will consist of a 40-acre campus development, also including retail, commercial and residential elements in support of the main healthcare institutions.

The facilities will adopt a conservation-led design approach and have a low environment foot print, with near-total grey water capture and re-use, onsite incineration, multiple redundant oxygen generation and use of components and construction techniques designed to deliver a high quality, environment-friendly development within a rapid build timeline.

Phase 1 Key Statistics

This will consist of a 160-bed hospital, comprehensive in nature, and focused on tertiary and quaternary services that are appropriate for medical tourism and which are needed to serve the region, along with appropriate residential and support services. Key attributes:

160 beds
Emphasis on patient experience and efficient flow
Hospital will be positioned and designed to make optimal use of the site
Patient rooms will each have independent air/cooling circulation
Services will be predominantly tertiary and quaternary
Emphasis will be placed on quality, function and longevity
Low maintenance and low energy consumption will be project drivers
Emphasis on local companies, local employees and benefits to Caymanians
The site will reflect and embrace local flora and fauna